The City Council of marbella has started processing a “administrative eviction” file on 20,000 square meters municipally owned in the low Puerto Rico natural areawhere the development of a “peri-urban” forest park of 400,000 square metersas a part of the surface is “occupied” by the ‘Pure Sea’ group, as reported on Monday by municipal spokesman Félix Romero.

This has been highlighted by the municipal official after the Governing Board, where the decree “13,341 of 2022”, approved last August and related to the aforementioned administrative eviction file, since since May 2021 this association has established the ‘Gaianos’ project on the estate and has fenced off the landof which there is “an occupied part” that is settled in “public domain” and registered in the municipal “inventory of goods”.

The councilor has indicated that for the development of the future forest park 30,000 square meters remain to be obtained by the Consistory that they are privately owned, that they are also immersed in an expropriation procedure and where the aforementioned association is based; after several processes to expropriate at least another “3 plots” that belong to other owners, for which the Consistory already adds 340,000 square meters previously recovered.

Specifically, the plot of “public domain” with which the municipal action is exercised is “the farm registry 36,896 of the Property Registry number 2 of Marbella, registered in the Registry of goods 792 of the Corporationin Huerta Zaragoza”, he detailed.

A part of this area that is already owned by the municipality is “partially occupied in some of its areas by squatters that in our opinion are preventing the use of a space that has traditionally been used by the citizens of Marbella to celebrations with as much roots as the Fiesta del Tostón”the mayor has remarked regarding the ‘pure sea’ collective.

For this reason, Romero explained that the City Council has initiated a “file of extinction of the precarious occupation Y administrative eviction of the public domain plot located in Huerta Zaragoza Puerto Rico Bajo”, to which he added that “a period of allegations” will be opened later, which will be followed by the issuance of the “report by the heritage services and the subsequent resolution”. In addition, he has assessed that in this way the procedure should go “faster” than if requested by the court.

Regarding the processing of the administrative file related to the acquisition of the 30,000 square meters of private ownership by the City Council, the municipal spokesman has indicated that there is established “compensation of 600,000 euros”, and although he has not confirmed whether the payment has been made, he has alluded to “all kinds of problems on the part of the property because it is not located in Spain”.

Thus, he pointed out that the Consistory’s Heritage area has used a “mechanism” based on “recourse to the newsletter notifications and what is done is to record in the General deposit box the amounts that are typical of the fair value” in those cases in which “it is not possible to communicate with the entity that manages the property”.

“It is unacceptable that any individual, when there is a situation of public interest, can have an expropriation proceeding indefinitely paralyzed”, Romero has valued, while pointing out that “these squatters are causing a problem that was not necessaryneither to the liking of the City Council nor of the citizens as a whole”.

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