The City Council of Marbella has modernized and enhanced the image of the roundabout in tribute to the Victims of Terrorismlocated next to the Marbella National Police Station, to beautify the city and “keep its memory alive”.

The mayor, Ángeles Muñoz, and the President of the Victims of Terrorism Foundation, María del Mar Blancohave participated in an act in which the remodeling of the space has been presented, with a large fountain of 18 square meters in diameter as the protagonist.

In the act, the councilor has underlined the actions undertaken for the landscape and functional improvement of the roundabout, “in which we have prioritized sustainability criteria, paying special attention to water, lighting and vegetation”.

“With water, represented through the fountain, we want symbolize the right and respect for life”, has detailed the first mayor, who has also highlighting the lighting elements, “with a total of 80 spotlights that enhance the whole complex, among them, the great monolith in memory of the victims”.

Likewise, he expressed to the president of the Victims of Terrorism Foundation “our admiration for your bravery and integrityalways being able to represent the values ​​that we all feel” and added that “you we want to return the love and respect of our city for your condition and for the spirit that your brother, Miguel Ángel Blanco, instilled in all of us”.

For his part, Blanco pointed out that “it is an honor to return to Marbella, a city ​​that has always welcomed us with great affection” and has stated that “this act is necessary because we gives victims a voice that others try to silence.

Likewise, he stated that with this space “also we ensure that no one forgets what we experienced in Spain, what we lost, but also what we achieved, how was it unity against terror”. He also thanked the City Council “for the work it does to keep memory alive” and emphasized the importance of the role of young people in this regard “because we need you to keep remembering.”

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