Marbella already pays tribute to the victims of coronavirus after raising a flag of Spain installed in the roundabout of the boulevard Prince Alfonso of Hohenlohe with Ashmawi Boulevard.

The event was chaired by the mayor, Angeles Muñoz, the managing director of the Costa del Sol Hospital, Luisa lorenzo, who stressed the importance of the day, “it is a very emotional day in which, after these twenty months of pandemic, we come together to remember from the heart to the 232 deceased people for this hard disease in our city, as well as his family and friends, because we must keep them in mind and not forget them.

The greatest health crisis that we have had to face, without a doubt, “but it has also been a social and economic crisis in which many professionals, with their generous and supportive work, have shown the best face of our society,” said the city ​​councilor.

Lorenzo, for his part, indicated that “the pandemic has given much visibility to the work of the toilets, but we were really doing our job and exercising our vocation of service ”and added that“ we have made an enormous effort, tripling the working hours, removing beds from where there were none or expanding the space of the ICU so as not to leave anyone in the road but, unfortunately, it has not been enough and many people have not been able to overcome the disease “.

“It is a very cruel virus that forces patients to remain isolated and alone, so the support provided by these staff is essential, not only from a medical point of view but also from an emotional point of view.” Finally, he assured that “it is a magnificent idea to honor the memory of all Covid victims and their families, because their pain is also ours.”

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