The delegate of the Andalusian Government in Malaga, Patricia Navarro, handed over the keys to the future health center Ricardo Sorianoformer headquarters of Urbanism in the GIL stage, to the mayor of Marbella, Ángeles Muñoz, in what is defined as “an act of justice with this city, returning a building that originally belonged to her”.

The regional has recalled that in its facilities “unfortunately Some spurious interests were forged in other timesbut that today we put in the hands of the City Council to cover the most essential thing that the citizen has and that is health”.

With this “symbolic and emblematic” act a response is given to a historic demand from Marbella, “which has suffered for years from a considerable deficit in health infrastructure”, indicated the delegate, who thanked “the permanent collaboration of the mayor and the enormous work of all the directors of the centers of health, responsible for district and health to achieve achievements like this”.

For her part, the mayor stressed that it is “a historic day for which we have worked hard” and recalled that “For more than ten years we have been demanding that the Board not sell the building, that we had to give him to compensate the debt for the advance he gave to Marbella, but that he return to our city in the form of equipment”.

Muñoz has underlined that this It couldn’t have been “when the PSOE governed, because although I personally asked the Treasury advisers and the presidents Manuel Chaves, José Antonio Griñán and Susana Díaz, we never received any response from them”. But the current president, Juanma Moreno, “understood the need we had due to the lack of facilities that this city has suffered systematically and, above all, because it was also an emotional burden for the people of Marbella when dealing with the old Urban Planning building of a symbol of what had been depleted from the coffers of the municipality”.

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