The City Council has achieved its priority of integrating the natural area of ​​Puerto Rico Alto into the municipal heritage, in a decisive step to achieve its purpose of creating a large forest park of 400,000 square meters for the use and enjoyment of citizens. The Local Government Board, held today, has reported this action, as explained by the spokesman for the Government team, Félix Romero. “What we have done has been to carry out the act of occupation of the property through an expropriation file by mutual agreement with the owners, setting the fair price at three million euros, and obtaining the entire plot of 340,000 square meters ”, Has specified the mayor.

50 percent of the land, 170,000 square meters, already belonged to the Consistory. Thus, to the recently incorporated plot of Puerto Rico Alto we must add another 50,000 square meters missing from the acquisition of Puerto Rico Bajo, access road to the upper area, to make this great urban park a reality. In this case, the spokesman has indicated that the negotiations with the property are well advanced, the plot has been valued at 600,000 euros, and has estimated that the transfer may be definitively finalized before the end of the year.

“With those 340,000 square meters we fulfill the purpose that we had from the Government team to integrate Puerto Rico into the heritage of the City Council; it is already registered in the municipal inventory of assets and our approach from now on is to carry out the creation of that forest park that will occupy the entire estate of Puerto Rico Alto and Bajo, with that final area of ​​400,000 square meters ” , has underlined. In addition, he stressed that they will guarantee that it is always a green area and the place of contact with nature for citizens, “protecting said place.”

In this regard, it has indicated that, on the contrary, “the only time that these plots were close to being part of the municipal patrimony was during the Government of Gil and the objective at that time was to urbanize that area.” Romero pointed out that “we are going to make it available to citizens” and highlighted the link between Puerto Rico Alto and Marbella, “with many people who have come to celebrate Tostón Day in said privileged enclave.”

On the other hand, the Local Government Board has given the green light to Building licenses with a material execution budget of around 20 million euros, “Which shows an increase in the quality of the investments that are produced in the municipality,” according to Romero. The mayor has specified that there are permits for luxury family homes with figures higher than those they had previously and has cited as examples two cases in which the execution budgets have been more than 1.8 and 1.1 million euros. euros. “Similarly, there are new housing developments, as has been the case of one of a total of 28 properties for 8.5 million and another of 18 for almost 8 million,” said the municipal spokesman.

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