Marbella Town Hall freeze taxes for 2022 municipal budgets -which he hopes to approve initially in October or November-, a measure that pursues maintain social spending and preserve public investments, as announced this Monday by the mayor, Ángeles Muñoz.

This was highlighted by the councilor at a press conference after the Local government board, where he has realized the municipal initiative in order to “have the budgets in time and form ”approved.

During her speech, the first mayor pointed out that this week will be held “the plenary session of the budget”, in which “not only the master lines ”of the municipal accounts for next year, but also contemplates “the different tributes.”

“There will be a absolute tax freeze, there will not be a single tax that has an increase, not a single one “, has asserted the mayor, who has lamented the increase in the Real Estate Tax (IBI) foreseen by the Government of the Nation with the new Housing Law, which” it intends that the second residence can be taxed at 150% ”.

In this sense, it has advanced that “the Marbella City Council is not going to apply it”, stating that “We will keep exactly the same IBI for those homes that are habitual or second residence because we understand that a city like Marbella, which has an economic activity closely linked to that second home, both lto legal, urban and fiscal security It must be absolutely and perfectly clear ”.

“We believe in residential tourism is a source of income for the city and we are not going to stop being competitive because the Government of the Nation wants apply measures that are taken out of the agreement it makes with Podemos “, Muñoz pointed out, while stressing that” we do not understand that tax abuse “has to be applied in the locality.

Likewise, it has stated that “We will not make any increase either once the cadastral values ​​stabilize this year”, Recalling that since these were reviewed in 2012“ the taxable base has been increasing annually by 10% and precisely for that reason, the City Council lowered its tax rate in order to balance it so that there would be no increase in the IBI ”.

On the other hand, Muñoz has advanced that in the 2022 budgets “there will be a freeze in the Tax on buildings, installations and works (ICIO) and in urban rates, maintaining a bonus that has been very important for all economic activity of the city ”, has pointed out the first mayor.

In addition, it has indicated that the “freezing of tables, chairs and terraces ”, noting that Marbella is the city of the national territory that “less gravel by surface of terraces and chairs, and therefore, of the occupation of the public highway”. To this he has added that “we keep the opening licenses and changes of ownership of all businesses at zero”.

Refering to capital gain, the councilor has stressed that “the zero rate” will be maintained for “those homes within the scope of succession and donation”, assessing that on the part of the City Council “that 95% discount was something committed and we want to continue maintaining”. In the same way, he has remarked the “Commitment to all beach bars and catering businesses“, Where he has assured that” the city of Marbella charges zero euros. “

The free public transport It is another of the aspects that will continue to be considered in the 2022 budgets, with an item of “7 million euros that in this case the Marbella City Council contributes with its own resources”. “It seems to us that it is a good measure to preserve the environment, but also so that it saves the pockets of many families, the elderly, the young and those who have fewer resources ”, he emphasized.

Muñoz has highlighted that 2022 budgets are going to be “complicated” because “we have to go to management fund for almost 43 million euros“To face sentences of the time of the Gil, and although it has qualified that” the City Council has the capacity to face them, we will have to contemplate that repercussion in what is the public expense “.

“We are very aware that our objective is preserve above all social spending, maintain public investments that we understand that they are absolutely necessary and beneficial for citizens and for the development of the city itself, and of course with a criterion where the tax burden is acceptable and where the less burden is borne by the most vulnerable people ”, he concluded.

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