The Marbella City Council, together with the company that provides the service, Avanza Movilidad, will strengthen bus service and they will enable two free shuttles that will connect with the new venue on the occasion of the San Pedro Alcántara Fair, which will take place from October 17 to 23, as announced on Thursday by the councilor for the sector, Enrique Rodríguez.

The mayor has detailed that the device “will carry out more than 200 expeditions and will have one capacity of 14,000 seats daily so that citizens can move comfortably and safely during these festive days”.

Rodríguez has specified that “for avoid traffic problems, it has been established that the users can access the service through the west entrance of the enclosureby Nueva Andalucía, where a special stop will be set up, which will help alleviate possible delays and give the transport service greater fluidity” and has indicated that one of the shuttles will link the boulevard with the venue and another will connect with the surroundings of the church of San Pedro.

Specifically, citizens will be able to have a fair shuttle 1 that will have a fifteen minute frequencyand whose route will pass through the Doctor Esteban San Mateo and Revilla streets, Oriental avenue and road parallel to the Guadaiza river until arriving at the fair, making stops at Doctor Esteban San Mateo, Oriental Avenue and Fair.

A second shuttle, every ten minutesyou will have a route that will start on the boulevard, next to the terminaland will continue along Norberto Guizueta Daz avenue, Pedro Gil roundabout, Manuel González Portilla street, Juan Vargas avenue, Ronda road and road parallel to the Guadaiza river until reaching the fair, making stops at the boulevard, El Ingenio and a special stop enabled close to the area of ​​Las Petunias.

Both shuttles will be free for all users and will operate between 1:00 p.m. and 3:00 a.m. In addition, users will also be able to use To get to the fair, line 4, between San Pedro and Puerto Banús, departing from Doctor Esteban San Mateo, which has an average frequency of 24 minutes. This line will extend its hours until 3:00 am and on the 19th, being a holiday, it has been planned that it will maintain its own working day hours.

lines to make transfers from Marbella will be those of the urban service, L-13 (Hospital Costa del Sol – Marbella – San Pedro) with the first shuttle, the L-4 at the Esteban San Mateo street stop or with the second at any of the stops on the boulevard, and with night services will be able to use the transfers with the L-8 Nocturna (San Pedro – CC. La Cañada) in departures from Esteban San Mateo street, on weekdays at 11:30 p.m., 12:30 a.m. and 02:05 a.m., and on Saturdays and the eve of holidays at 11:30 p.m., 01 a.m. :00, 02:35, 03:50 and 05:00 hours.

Users who come in commuter bus networkas the L79 (Estepona-Marbella) they will be able to make a free transfer on shuttle 2 from any of the stops on the boulevard to the fair. All the detailed information and frequency can be consulted on the website

The deputy mayor, Javier García, for his part, explained that “this edition of the fair is very special, because we opened a venue of more than 81,000 square metersand we want to respond to pedestrians, who will be able to access the real one from the north in just five minutes, mainly because of the underpass located at the back of the Elena Benítez pavilion; to people with reduced mobility; to users of public transport and those who use their private vehicle, with an esplanade with capacity for 1,200 seats and a circuit that will have its entrance through the industrial estate, with descent towards the parking area and exit through the Picaza lane ” .

He also stressed that “the security will be guaranteed with lighting and paving of all accesses, because we want the fair to develop with absolute normality and all attendees can enjoy it to the fullest”. He has also exposed the existence of a public taxi service stop at the entrance of the venue and the recommendation of its use by the attendees. Likewise, it has announced a special transportation service for lunch for the elderly that will be organized with the Active Participation Centers so that they can attend comfortably on municipal buses.

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