The City Council of marbella is finalizing the procedures for the bidding of the energy rehabilitation project of the Salduba swimming pool, of the Antonio Serrano Lima sports complex, an initiative that contemplates the cover replacementthe increase in the depth of the glass and the creation of new changing rooms.

The councilor of the branch, Manuel Cardeña, has detailed that the planned budget rises to 2.1 million eurosco-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), within the framework of Spain’s multi-regional operational program 2014-2020 and added that work is currently being done to “Get the public contract out as soon as possible and respond to both users and sports clubs that use this facility”.

Cardeña recalled that “the pool is under a cover that does not meet the appropriate conditions for its thermal and acoustic insulation, which forces excessive use of the air conditioning system and high energy consumption”. “Furthermore, the glass of it is 1.4 meters deepscarce for the sports practice of clubs such as water polo, which requires at least 1.8 meters”, he detailed.

For this reason, it is projected pool volume replacement for a new one, after the removal of the current structure and the demolition of the locker room area, which will later be rebuilt again. Also, the glass will rise by 40 centimeters and it will be equipped with a lighter cover, but with a great thickness of insulation to guarantee the lowest thermal losses.

On the other hand, the person in charge of the branch has indicated that the Sports delegation has scheduled the transfer of pool users to the Supera Center facilities, in the neighborhood of Miraflores, a measure that has had to be brought forward “when a problem of increased humidity in the installation arose”. “The sports clubs continue to use the pool, but use for the elderly has been discontinued, that in the next few days they will resume their activity in the concessionaire complex, where they will also be able to make use of the rest of the facilities”, he underlined.

For her part, the PSOE councilor Blanca Fernández has demanded clear and honest explanations about the Current situation of the Serrano Lima pooland has urged that all necessary measures be taken to solve the incidents detected.

Fernández recalled that according to Decree 485/2019, of June 4, which approves the Technical-Sanitary Regulation of Swimming Pools in Andalusia in its article 5, it is indicated that “The air in the enclosure must not pose a risk to human health. of the users” or “it should not be irritating to the eyes, skin or mucous membranes”.

As indicated, the law aims at the CO2 concentration in the room air of the covered glasses will not exceed more than 500 ppm (in volume) of the CO2 of the outside air, “this being apparently the incident that has forced the suspension of activities during the times when the swimming pool is available to users of municipal schools”.

The mayor has pointed out that this concern of the users not only includes the state of the air, the age of the machinery, quite obsoleteand even the water or ambient humidity in the pool, but “it is extensible to the deplorable state of the entire sports infrastructure, mentioning a possible state of underpinning of the facility’s engine room, which would show a potential risk for all pool users.”

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