The City Council of Marbella has launched a new pruning plan city ​​endowed with more technical means to undertake maintenance work on 30,000 trees and palms for the next five years, as announced on Tuesday by the councilor for the branch, Diego López.

The mayor has today visited the works that are being carried out in the Camilo Jose Cela Street together with the advisor responsible for the area, Eloy Ortega, and pointed out that “it is the most ambitious program that we have promoted in this area and its objective is continue to consolidate Marbella as the urban forest of the Costa del Sol”.

López has highlighted that “in the last four years around 22,000 specimens have been pruned, a figure that is going to increase notably because the tree mass of the locality is immense and requires maintenance that guarantees an optimal state”.

The mayor has specified that the plan “is developed taking into account the criteria of municipal technicians and is executed at the appropriate time for each species, so now focuses on the removal of dry branches and inflorescences of Washington palm treesas well as ficus alienations that make pedestrian and road traffic impossible, in addition to other incidents that affect public lighting and clearance.

He explained that “the fees imposed by the European Union so that the pruning is undertaken when strictly necessary and the specimens are perfectly cared for” and he recalled that “this line of work also includes the phytosanitary treatments that are carried out regularly and a planting plan that has already involved the planting of 1,300 trees of the more than 2,000 that we set as a goal”.

Ortega, for his part, has specified that the plan is based on five teams made up of five pruners and ten operators which, as he specified, “have obtained a series of European certifications so that the work is carried out in accordance with the established criteria”.

Specifically, it has detailed that the technical means include a bucket truck and three for collecting plant remains, in addition to three lifting arms. This device is also reinforced by municipal resources, which include a team with two pruners and one operator and two other trucks, basket and collection.

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