The City Council of Marbella will work at night on the most central beaches to ensure that the coastline is in the best conditions during Holy Week, and asks for a state investment similar to the annual canon of 2.4 million that it contributes, as announced this Thursday by the mayor, Ángeles Muñoz.

The councilor, who has visited the area of ​​La Venus, explained that this measure has also been adopted to facilitate the daytime activity of establishments and to preserve the ssecurity of citizens.

Specifically, it has modified planning and work both in The Venus as in La Bajadilla will be undertaken between 00.00 and 10.00 hours, “understanding that there are presence of hotels and hammocks that can provide service with the good occupation that is expected these days”, while in the rest of the affected areas it will maintain the planned calendar.

The first mayor has emphasized “the enormous effort that has been made immediately, even before the waves subsided, removing elements that posed a danger”, while praising “the response capacity of the terraces and beach bars after the storm, since practically all of them are open”.

On the other hand, Muñoz has reported that this afternoon he will hold a Telematic meeting with other mayors and the Secretary of State for the Environment, Hugo Moránand has indicated that he will transfer “what we are experiencing in Marbella and that in a year we have already spent 1.2 million euros to fix the damage to the beachesthat without counting the destruction and losses in restaurants, beach bars and kiosks.

The mayor has also detailed that the city pays the State annually 2.4 million of euros in concept of canon for concessions on the coast “so it is fair to ask for there to be a investment similar to what we contribute”.

“From 2018 there has not been a single action by the central government and all of them are being assumed by the City Council”, lamented the mayor, who recalled that the projects for the installation of the groynes are drafted “just waiting for an environmental report.”

“The approach that we are going to make is as simple as we have the will to be able to undertake them and that an immediate solution is necessary for the image of a city like ours”, he explained, to which he added that “if it is not done, it is because laziness, lack of interest and ignorance of the reality of Marbella”.

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