The Mijas Town Hall has organized a new cycle of conferences focused on the mental health education for adolescents, in which aspects such as the prevention of bullying, guidelines to improve emotional education from the family or the promotion of adequate self-esteem, as reported on Tuesday by the mayor of health, Candela León.

The councilor has highlighted that “these family gatherings called ‘Minds are also educated’ consist of nine different talks, one for each school month, ranging aimed at parents, mothers and guardians of adolescents in Mijas, as well as teachers and other workers in the education sector who wish to attend”.

León has indicated that “these presentations are focused on the teenage families, as well as has invited “to the parents of younger children to come to find out because the sooner mental health education begins or the sooner parents have all the information, the better to accompany our children in their process until youth”.

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