The Mijas Town Hall has baptized the Las Lagunas soccer field, located in the Regino Hernández Sports Center of the population center, with the name of ‘Juan Gambero Culebra’in tribute to the one who has been president of the lagoon club for 25 years, as reported this Friday by the mayor, Josele González.

The councilor stressed that “it has been a pride to have been a part of the day in which the Las Lagunas field, as we all know it, we have called Juan Gambero Culebra, a person involved, professional, loyal and with values who for decades has dedicated himself to working for others from public service”.

“I know he deserved that in life we ​​give him this tribute so that his family, his friends, his coaches and teammates could accompany him on this very special day”, said González at the event, which took place last Thursday.

whoever was president of the lagoon club for 25 years and promoter of grassroots sports in the municipality thus receives a “heartfelt tribute with which everyone will remember his figure in the coming decades and everything that Gambero has done for Lagunero football”, added González.

For his part, the Councilor for Sports, Andrés Ruiz, explained that this denomination “was a small detail that we owed Juana man whose passion, kindness and dedication has been transmitted to the bases of football. From his figure I would highlight the work of taking some kids who were playing in the street and bringing them to a soccer field, to give them projection and an opportunity in a sports venue”.

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