The residents of the María Zambrano neighborhoodlocated in Las Lagunas de Mijas, have denounced the noise problems generated by 3 7-a-side football pitches managed by a private entity on the Camino de los Campanales, on which the The City Council has decreed the “cessation of activity” and works in the precinct of the sports facilities, as confirmed by the Consistory.

Benito García is a neighbor who lives in a block attached to the sports facility, who has criticized the problems of “noise pollution and fights that are generated on soccer fields”. “You can’t live here,” lamented the resident, who has assured that the neighbors have to be “with all the windows closed because it’s crazy” and with “children screaming since morning”.

As reported, in 2018 the sports facilities were built by an individual, which are made up of “3 fields -soccer- and a playground”, generating problems of coexistence due to the “noise” generated by the activity of these spaces.

García has reported that the neighbors have presented to the Town Hall of the town up to “5 writings with the complaints of several blocks”, while he has lamented that despite the fact that a “cessation of activity” weighs on the soccer fields, since the Consistory “nothing has been done or closed the file”, as it ensures that the activity continues.

Likewise, he has criticized that last March the neighbors raised the problem to the “Ombudsman” and the City Council “did not appear claiming ignorance”.

For her part, the President of the Neighborhood Association of the María Zambrano neighborhoodCharo Cortés, has pointed out that the collective “intermediate” with the local Administration to transfer the feelings of the residents of the area, specifically of “3 communities”, ensuring that in the soccer fields the activity lasts until “01:00 or 02:00 hours” with “a lot of lack of control” because of the noise.

In this way, he has expressed that there is neighborhood residents who are in favor of sports facilities remain “open because they make use of them” and advocate that the activity “be regulated”, while others who live nearby are in a “desperate situation” and ask for the “closure”.

The Mijas Town Hall has confirmed that the activity of the sports facilities -which are managed by a private entity-, is “irregular” by lacking the “opening license”, for which reason, on July 18, it decreed the “cessation of activity”. After becoming aware of that “is following, but not in the same way”, the Consistory works on a procedure for its “precinct”.

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