The Town Hall of mijas has temporarily installed a radar on Miguel Hernández avenue in Las Lagunasa pilot experience with which it is intended to collect information on traffic and that in no case will it imply the imposition of fines for speeding allowed in the area, as announced this Friday Councilor for Public Highways, Nicolás Cruz.

The mayor has highlighted that “this element of road control allows us to Know the speed at which vehicles travel. which “will not only condition the behavior of some drivers that exceed the maximum speed, but it will also allow us to gather information on the traffic in the area according to the needs”.

Cruz has clarified that “In no case is the installation of this radar a collection measure.people who exceed the allowed speed will not be fined, what we want is raise public awareness and collect data that are useful to us to define our own strategic lines in terms of mobility and traffic”.

According to the councilor, “this radar will move through different points of Las Lagunas, hoping that at the beginning of 2023 we can install some 30 educational radars throughout the municipality.

Thus, these actions respond to the strategy that the Department of Public Highways has established in the short term “and that follows three main lines: reduce the speed at which vehicles circulate, improve safety and prioritize the entry and exit of certain means of transport in specific points of our municipality”.

The installation of this educational radar is not the unique pilot experience which will be launched in the next few days, given that the installation “both traffic control cameras as cameras that will control certain garbage or waste deposit points and that are also part of that strategy of a cleaner Mijas that we all want”, added the mayor.

Finally, and in anticipation at the beginning of the works on the Campanales roadfrom the Public Highway area have reported the installation of pivots on Miguel Hernández avenue. “This road is going to see almost double the vehicles that circulate on it in the coming days, therefore, being one of the most conflictive intersections in the area, we have provisionally placed these pivots to avoid turning in the opposite direction and, therefore, therefore, prevent traffic collapses and dangerous situations”.

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