Mijas Town Hall has received the Drafted project for the comprehensive remodeling of Las Mimosas avenue, Therefore, the department is already in a position to tender the works for a value of 1.2 million euros and an execution period of 2 months, as reported this Monday by the first deputy mayor and mayor of Infrastructures and Works, Jose Carlos Martin.

The mayor stressed that it is “a necessary action for road safety of the neighbors and for the improvement of mobility, since at the moment the area does not have sidewalks, pedestrians and vehicles have to share the space, in addition to not having adequate accessibility”.

So the budget for the Exit to public tender stands at 1.2 million euros and the execution period is 6 months, Martín has advanced, who has pointed out that “a complete renovation is going to be carried out that will change and improve all the services in addition to making the area more passable.”

“We are going to modernize the pipelines with the start-up of a separative network for rainwater and sewage, as well as a water supply, telecommunications and telephone network”, assured the first deputy mayor. In this regard, it should be noted that this project will also develop the burying of the public lighting power line and the change of the luminaires to LED technology.

The comprehensive remodeling of Las Mimosas avenue in Mijas is underway to reorganize the uses of space in a more rational way. For this, it will be given continuity to pedestrian traffic in a safe way from Calle Carabelas and Avenida del Descubrimiento so that pedestrians and vehicles do not share space.

The remodeling does not imply an increase in traffic, but the rearrangement for greater security, accessibility and coexistence. “We are going to separate vehicle traffic from pedestrian traffic by creating sidewalks on both sides of the road and relocating the parking lots that will be located on the sides of the road and in a central line strip”, pointed out Martín.

This work is divided into three sections. The first is the one between Calle Carabelas and the access roundabout from the A7, the intermediate route between the roundabout and the access curve to Avenida del Descubrimiento and the final connection section, all of them with one lane in each direction. March.

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