The case investigated by the National Court of alleged drug trafficking and criminal organizationin which the stepson of the mayor of the Popular Party (PP), Ángeles Muñoz, is being prosecuted, has bypassed the polls last Sunday, May 28, giving the municipal elections as a result the fourth absolute majority for the popular in the town of Marbella.

The voters have given Popular Party a total of 19,593 votes513 more than the 19,080 votes collected in the 2019 municipal elections, the popular ones achieving a victory that will allow the formation to govern alone for the next 4 years.

Electoral night has generated, on the other hand, a certain movement in the composition of the Corporation, and the Socialists lose two councilors by obtaining 12,504 votes compared to 14,842 in 2019, going from 10 to 8. Meanwhile, the Opción Sampedreña (OSP) party adds one more to reach 3 thanks to obtaining 4,641 votes and Vox wins representation in the municipal Corporation for the first time with 2 councilors and 4,041 votes.

In this way, and despite the negative news poured out in recent months on the figure of Ángeles Muñoz and his entourage, the popular one has conquered the electorate and has returned to revalidate for the fourth time in the municipality the absolute majority of 14 councilors, by bringing together 40.78% of the votes on last Sunday.

The doubts about his heritage and the parliamentary investigation opened in the Senate on its origin, at the request of the Socialists, have not made a dent in the decision of the voters either, reflecting at the polls in a loss of more than 2,000 votes at the local level of the PSOE, which has passed from having 14,842 votes in 2019 to 12,504 in 2023, lowering representation from 31.3% to 26.02%.

The electoral pre-campaign It started last October with the knowledge of the indictment of the National Court, in which Muñoz’s stepson and husband, who died in March of this year, were prosecuted. This has not prevented the popular from continuing with its victory for Mayor once the doubts about the acceptance of its candidacy at the national level have been cleared up.

In December it was announced that the PP had commissioned a survey to know the wear and tear that the candidate could have in the face of the municipal elections after the indictment of the National Court that implicates her stepson was made known, although the main leaders such as the president of the Junta de Andalucía, Juan Manuel Moreno, They affirmed that Muñoz would be the mayor for Marbella, as has finally occurred.

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