The Ministry of Employment, Training and Self-Employment is preparing a new tender for shares of Vocational training for employment aimed at the unemployed that will be published in the coming weeks in the contractor’s profile; a measure that, in the province of Malaga, it plans to benefit 2,010 people to train in 36 specialties different. In total, they will be put out to tender in the province of Malaga 34 lots, which comprise a total of 49,724 hours of training.

Regarding the specialties that will be taught, they will respond in each province to the needs that have been detected in each territory, although as a whole it has been detected that the professional areas most in demand in the different previous reports prepared, and that have been included in the provincial lots, are Restoration, Administration and Audit, Sale and Agriculture, which account for almost 60% of the total budget.

The objective of this initiative is advance in the improvement of professional skills of working people and in the competitiveness of Andalusian companies, and correct the lack of adequacy of the training offer to the needs of the labor market and the territory.

With respect to the provincial distribution of 26.09 million euros budgeted, the provincial division taking into account the number of unemployed jobseekers obtained in interannual rate in the period from July 2020 to June 2021.

The application of the new model of VET for Employment based on tenders, compared to the previous system of subsidies, has meant that this year training actions will start with a public expenditure of 41 million euros that are assuming reaching more than 23,000 Andalusians with more than 1,500 training actions.

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