This weekend’s draw for ONCE has left one of its salaries of 2,000 euros per month for ten years, which add up to a prize of 240,000 euros, in the Malaga municipality of Marbella.

José Manuel Cortés, ONCE vendor since 2012, has sold this prize-winning coupon this Saturday on Calle Jacinto Benavente, in the Marbella market, as indicated by ONCE in a statement.

Cortés declares himself “very happy” for having awarded this jackpot, which he interprets “as a reward for my work.” In March he distributed another 200,000 euros with the ONCE Eurojackpot and last August another 153,000 euros also with the draw for the European game that ONCE markets in Spain.

This Saturday’s ONCE draw had as its protagonist the Roman Week of Cascante, in Navarra, and has left another equal prize, another Salary of 240,000 euros spread over ten years, in the Sevillian town of Utrera.

The ONCE coupons “are part of the Organization’s social, safe, responsible and supportive lottery products which, from their design to their marketing, implement controls to neutralize uncontrolled consumption, expressly prohibiting the sale to minors or the consumption on credit, among other measures.

The Organization maintains a responsibility to citizens by promoting a responsible gaming policy with the most demanding evaluation and monitoring systems defined by the World Lottery Association and the European Association of State Lotteries and Totos.

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