The team of Sampedreña option has criticized the management of the Municipal Stadium Antonio Naranjo, of San Pedro Alcántara, by the Marbella City Council.

As they have indicated in a statement, «Angeles Muñoz return once more to San Pedro just to appear in photos, presenting a simple “face wash»Of the Municipal Stadium, which it won’t do any good and it will end up like the one in Marbella in a few years ».

Taking into account the events that have been echoed by Opción Sampedreña, the OSP team scheduled a ambitious project to perform a Integral reform of the Antonio Naranjo Municipal Stadium, a project that «has been ignored completely by the PP ».

During the period of time in which the PASB conducted the San Pedro Mayor’s Office, the team listened to the proposals and needs of the local team, the UD San ​​Pedro, and they took care of them, carrying out a change from natural to artificial grass on the field. It was, throughout this management, that from Opción Sampedreña «we realized that any superficial arrangement, in such dilapidated facilities, was a waste of money».

Were made orders to a sampedreño architect even in Two occasions, both projects presenting a proposal for knock down completely the facilities, both stands and box, as well as the underground electricity and plumbing networks, which were not touched since the 70s. After this demolition, they would be built modernized facilities and they would add two football fields 7 in an unused area.

«Upon the arrival of Ángeles Muñoz’s PP we have seen how, instead of taking our ambitious project, they have taken the most economical, what was dismissed by the architects since it would not be of any use “, they have specified from OSP,”After 14 years without the government having touched anything in the stadium, it saddens us to see how they conform with a facelift.

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