The Pedestrianization works on Avenida España from Estepona have started this week with the aim of renovating the road and equipping it with new urban furniture to give pedestrians a greater role, an action that will have a co-financed investment of 1.5 million euros and an execution period of 4 months, according to They have highlighted this Tuesday from the City Council.

The works began last Monday, March 14, and are being undertaken by the UTE Glulop 21 SL-Carjuna Construcciones SL -which has been awarded the work-, being the first tasks that are being carried out to determine “the topographical studies”, they have indicated from the local Administration.

They will follow shortly”milling work”, consisting of the removal of existing asphalt, and which will last two weeks. Subsequently, from the Consistory they have indicated that they will proceed to “the renewal of the supply networks” of electricity, sanitation or fiber optics.

For the time being, for the execution of the works “the delimited the scope of the work with the placement of the fence and the signaling of the steps for pedestrians and authorized vehicles and the accesses to the car parks”, they have assured.

The project contemplates the full area demolition of action to create a wide pedestrian boulevard surrounded by planters, which will cover 5,286 square meters of this central road, which crosses the municipality from east to west along the coastal strip forming part of the old National Highway 340.

As indicated by the Consistory, the works are being carried out in the section between the roundabout of Juan Carlos I avenue and Terraza streetwhere road traffic has been cut to be directed towards “Andalusia Avenue for shorter journeys” and “the motorway for longer journeys”.

The remodeling project of the Avenida de España will place the municipality at the vanguard of sustainable cities who are committed to “quality of life, the well-being of citizens, the environment and wide spaces for pedestrians”, they recalled.

The work has not been without controversy and several groups of the city have shown their rejection since the City Council announced the project with the opposition of the PSOE and IU, who collected signatures and held a demonstration last February against the initiative to renew the central road.

The pedestrianization of the street will mean the creation of a “wide pedestrian boulevard” endowed with ornamentation and a vegetal mass that characterizes the Costa del Sol municipality, where pedestrians will be given prominence with a design marked by the elimination of architectural barriers in the paving to favor an inclusive city.

In this way, the gardening and landscaping will play a prominent role in shaping the public space, which will link the urban center with the coast, with “the choice of the most suitable tree species” such as palm trees, palm hearts and trees of the pomegranate, mulberry, chorisia and holm oak species, as well as the existing tree mass will be included in the new planters planned, they have pointed out.

The project also contemplates a space for the promotion of a more sustainable transport and a bike lane will be installed on the sidewalk, which “will be limited only by two alignments of stainless steel plates or pins.” From the Consistory they have indicated that the cycle path will be “double circulation” with a width of two meters and will be shared on time by emergency vehicles.

The boulevard will also have a ornamental stage lighting equipped with led technology, highlighting the aesthetic potential of artificial lighting as a tool in the design of parks and gardens, creating and accentuating silhouettes, emphasizing perspective and the three-dimensional effect.

In regards to street furniturehave indicated that “it will be distributed along the entire avenue in a homogeneous way” and “three walkable fountains will be installed that will be distributed along the new remodeled avenue”.

The initiative also plans “the complete renovation of the sanitation network”for which the sewage and rainwater collectors in the area will be replaced, as well as a new discharge design for these separate networks, they have assured.

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