the luxurious port banus, located in Marbella, will host on April 29 the ‘II Inclusive Navigation Conference’ developed by the association Aspandemwhich works with people with disabilities on the Costa del Sol, and whose objective is to promote the integration of users through an experience at sea, as reported on Monday by the concessionaire of the marine area.

The event will consist of departure of several shipswhere more than forty users of the association will have the opportunity to board and enjoyorsay and recreational of an experience along the coast of Marbella, bringing them closer to living with nature and the sea.

The event will feature the Puerto Ban collaborationors and of the local nautical companies that will give their boats in solidarity, thus supporting the objective of the initiative.

This project was born from the recreational nautical collective three years ago and the intention of the conference is give visibility to the work carried out by the Aspandem associationfavor the social integration of these people and offer the opportunity to users to enjoy this experience.

After the very positive impact that the first day had, and thanks to the support of local institutions, the nautical complex intends to consolidate this initiative with the intention of maintaining it over time and encourage other cities in Spain to join ithave stood out from the dealership.

This year joins the city of Gijeitherno, what Simultaneously to the one in Marbella, an inclusive navigation day will be held with a local association of similar characteristics.

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