The regenerative therapies in the treatment of injuries have been a before and after in the history of medicine, and knowing this scientific evidence, the Quirónsalud Marbella Hospital (Málaga) is a forerunner in the integration of these therapies into its healthcare protocols, promoting a personalized program based on each diagnosis.

Its effectiveness has been evidenced in recent years to the point of causing a paradigm shift in the rehabilitation protocols clinic, since they have managed to shorten recovery times and have managed to enhance the quality of the rehabilitated tissue, they have reported from the hospital in a statement.

Specifically, regenerative therapies “consist of use the regenerative potential of stem cells, growth factors or plasma growth inducers and biomaterials to solve health problems “, because” it accelerates the repair of diseased, dysfunctional or injured tissues “, explained the person in charge of the Multidisciplinary Unit of Regenerative Therapies of the Hospital Quirónsalud Marbella, Lourdes Álvarez Holgado.

Through minimally invasive techniques (a small puncture or a blood extraction similar to that of the analysis), biological materials are obtained from the patient himself that will be subjected to different procedures in the laboratory before being subsequently used in the injured area in order to stimulate tissue regeneration damaged, the expert added.

In this sense, the low rejection rate treatment because the origin of the cells is the patient’s own biological material. “By not producing adverse effects, the regeneration of damaged tissue is more effective, pain is reduced and the functionality of the tissue or joint is improved.”

The successes obtained by these techniques are so resounding that experts describe these treatments as a medical revolution. In addition, its field of application is very extensive since it has proven its regeneration efficiency in all types of tissues, whether they are affected by physiological aging or damaged by a pathological process, such as a fracture.

Thus, and although athletes of elite have been pioneers in the use of this treatment to maintain their maximum athletic level, today they are used in injuries and pathologies such as osteoarthritis, chondropathy and osteochondritis, ligament injuries, muscle and tendon injuries or problems of consolidation of fractures

In this regard, the Multidisciplinary Unit of Regenerative Therapies of the Hospital Quirónsalud Marbella It is made up of a team of experts specialized in different fields (Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Orthopedic Surgery and Traumatology and Physiotherapy). Their close coordination in the evaluation of each diagnosis guarantees quality care and excellence to the patient, putting at their service all the resources available to the hospital in both the technological and professional fields.

A first query The specialist serves to activate the roadmap of this multidisciplinary care unit which, depending on the clinical circumstances of each patient, will sequentially schedule a schedule of visits for follow-up. In this way, care of clinical excellence is achieved.

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