The singer Raimundo Amador arrives in Casares this Friday, coinciding with the inauguration of the Christ Fair, with a show that will review his more than four decades of musical career.

This has been reported from the City Council, noting that the artist will focus his concert on his latest album ’60 Aniversario. Direct at home ‘, a job that went on sale in the midst of a pandemic and that is now when he is coming to the stage.

As explained by the artist, the show will go through the main themes of his musical career both alone and with the bands Veneno or Pata Negra, they have indicated from the Consistory in a statement.

The concert, which will take place at 11:00 pm in the Plaza Marcelino Camacho with free admission, will feature as a surprise the presence of a guest artist that the Sevillian guitarist did not want to reveal.

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