A 35-year-old man has been arrested in marbella after allegedly ram a police car whose officers had given him a stop for reckless driving.

The driver began to flee towards the population center of San Pedro Alcántara and, after a chase down the A-7the escaped vehicle made several changes of direction and direction until it collided with a patrol radio and injured its occupants, as reported by the National Police in a statement on Monday.

Finally, the offender could be arrested with the support of another police patrol, whose officers were also injured in the violence and aggressiveness displayed by the arrested.

In addition, the driver of another vehicle whose windshield was broken has filed a complaint for the damage caused by the offender’s car, which was traveling at more than 150 kilometers per hour on a road whose speed maximum allowed is 50.

The chase ended when, at the height of Puerto Banusthe detainee agreed to a dead end road and, far from being intimidated by the presence of the police vehicle, accelerated until colliding head-on with it.

After the impact, the driver, who he got caught inside the vehicle, he was released by the acting agents, and did not require urgent medical assistance. Subsequently, the arrested person was transferred to the local police, where he was subjected to a control of breathalyzer which gave a positive result.

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