The neighbors of the urbanization The Edgelocated in Esteponaclaim 10 million euros to Kronos Homes, the developer that built their homes, by the “cluster of damage without post-sale guarantees” presented by the properties.

Thus, they add to the Platform for People Affected by Kronos Homes (PAK)a group of families and neighbors from all over Spain that has the objective of “publicly denounce the abuses committed by the famous promoter agency that offers design homes throughout the Iberian Peninsula and to give a voice to the people affected”, as indicated in a statement.

In addition, they have pointed out that the strategy of Kronos Homes is to use celebrities to promote their projects under the “highest quality” amendment. However, the neighbors complain about the “construction pathologies” that their homes present and the “non-consensual use of community funds” by the company founded by Lebanese Saïd Hejal.

Luis Benavente and Mercedes Obrero, president and vice president of The Edge community, respectively, have been the first to show the reality of the company’s services by joining PAK. As detailed, this promotion began marketing in 2017 to families around the worldwho signed some qualities “that have not been fulfilled”.

Based on a preliminary report by the Artuquitec architecture studio, it has been confirmed that the materials used for The Edge “are not the ones agreed upon in the purchase” and that the urbanization has damages with which “the owners have to live day by day”.

Specifically, as they have indicated, the neighbors face, among other damages, recurring flooding in elevators and garageslack of signage and mailboxes, water leaks, sharp breaks in the pavement of common areas, lack of ventilation, bulges in the ceilings, oxidation of the access bridge to the interior portals or failures in the electrical mechanisms.

The architect, Arturo Ruíz Salvatierra, and industrial engineer, Francisco Granizo Guzmán, who prepared the study, have explained that, in the case of a building of only two years, “it is striking that so many negative pathologies have arisen that have a great influence on the well-being of all the people who live in the urbanization”.

In this sense, due to the short period of time in which all these damages have appeared, Kronos Homes “should bear the repair costs, but They have been waiting for the legal deadlines to cover the guarantees to end and that the owners did not give them time to react”, has influenced Obrero, who has described the after-sales service as “disastrous”.

Added to this discontent is the fact that, since 2020, the developer owned homes in the urbanization and had the presidency of the community until 2022. “This led to the approval of expenses attributable to the developer, such as redundant arrangements in the areas which should be covered by after-sales guarantees”, they have pointed out.

Altogether, the pending payment to be corrected by Kronos Homes to the community of neighbors amounts to 42,182.31 eurosas revealed in a compilation carried out by The Edge’s estate manager, Alejandro Gómez.

Gómez and Benavente have affirmed that, in addition to these expenses borne by the community, there are also authorized works behind the neighbors’ backs, since the old administration of the urbanization was of the promoter itself.

A) Yes, In front of block 1, the ‘El Nido’ beach bar was opened, a restaurant and entertainment venue that “disturbs the tranquility of the neighbors and with which Kronos signed an agreement without notifying the owners to authorize the work that would supply electricity and that left the community garden totally destroyed”, they have clarified from the platform.

This work consisted of construction of a strip that crosses the common garden and that it caused damage “that the company has not yet taken charge of”.

After consulting an expert agronomist, the community of residents estimated that the cost of the community operators used for the installation was 5,852 euros, to which is added 7,788 more for the lawn. In the case of wantr rehabilitate the affected area of ​​the gardenthe budget would be 40,266.29 euros, something that should be added to the previous expenses, as they have underlined.

In this way, from the community of residents of The Edge, the official documents that will be used to sue Kronos Homes for 10 million euros are being processed, who claim to have received evasiveness from company representatives.

Benavente has referred that there are 70 homes affected, except for six that still belong to Kronos. “At The Edge we don’t just live Spanish or Malagans. A large part of the owners are Europeans who trusted in buying a home from Kronos under the supposed signature of the prestigious architect Rafael de La-Hoz”, he explained.

“But La-Hoz -he continued- left the project shortly after and an architect from the developer continued. In fact, we have been waiting for Kronos to provide us with documentation to corroborate this. Without going any further, the memory of the project was given to us three years later“, it is finished.

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