The priest José López Solórzano He is one of the four new canons of the Santa Iglesia Catedral Basilica de Málaga appointed by the Bishop of Málaga, Jesus Catalá, who took office on Monday, September 6. The inauguration has begun with the procession of the new canons, already dressed in the choir habit, and accompanied by the bishop, from the sacristy to the choir.

As soon as you start, after singing the Anthem of Tercia, the decree of their appointments was read, and the new members of the Cabildo have carried out the oath, the profession of faith and have prayed the Creed. Subsequently, the new capitulars have received their appointment and taken possession of the canonry, symbolized in the assignment of the seat corresponding to each one in the Choir Alto. The celebration concluded with the certification of the inauguration, the blessing given by the Bishop, the prayer of the Tertiary Time and the song of the Save the Virgin of Victory, Patroness of Malaga and present at the main altar for her novena.

As the dean of the Cathedral has explained, Antonio Aguilera, the next September 20 will take place the first Ordinary Council in which they participate, already with the right to vote, and where their specific functions will be assigned to them.

The Cathedral Chapter of Canons of the Holy Church Cathedral Basilica of Malaga It is a college of priests, which is responsible for celebrating the most solemn liturgical functions in the Cathedral (the solemnities of the Liturgical Year, and also those that are celebrated on other days). They also administer the Cathedral goods, to harmonize the “cultic” and the “cultural” function as a historical-artistic monument of the first order, through the tourist visits, museum, or archive research, among other aspects.

Currently, the Cathedral Council of Malaga is made up of 20 canons, the largest of them being Ildefonso Lopez and the youngest, Miguel Ángel Gamero. Its new members are Antonio Collado (Episcopal delegate of Cáritas Diocesana de Málaga and parish priest of Santa María de la Encarnación and San Ignacio, de Málaga), Federico Cortés (parish priest of Santo Ángel de la Guarda de Málaga), Alejandro Escobar Morcillo (Parish priest of Santa María de la Victoria y La Merced and San Lázaro de Málaga), and José López Solórzano (Parish priest of the Stmum. Corpus Christi and Ntra. Sra. de Gracia de Málaga).

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