On the occasion of the festival of San Luis, patron saint of Sabinillas, the area of ​​Fiestas, directed by Daniel Muñoz, has prepared a series of activities that will take place from the 25 to 29 of this August.

The big day will be Wednesday 25, since during that day, the image of the patron saint, it will remain exhibited from 5:00 p.m. h in the Sabinillas parish, so that all his faithful devotees come closer, and from the 20.30 h the Holy mass in the Plaza San Luis.

For that same night, the show is served, since the group will act Drone 4 starting at 22:30 h in the courtyard of Sabinillas nursery school. This area has indicated that free tickets They can now be booked by calling 619 725 509 or by contacting the delegation itself, located in the Town Hall.

The day 26 of August, starting at 17: 00h on the Ferris wheel area, the water party for the little ones. Arrival at night around 10:30 p.m. at the Vicente Espinel Square the teachers of the Municipal School of Music of Manilva.

The 27 it will be the turn of the group Street goblin starting at 22: 30h at the Sabinillas Nursery School. Tickets can now be requested in the party area or by calling 619 725 509. On the other hand, the August 28 It will be the Municipal School of Dance the one that acts in the square Vicente Espinel from 10:30 p.m.. To end these festivities the August 29 citizens will be able to enjoy the performance of the pump, in the courtyard of Sabinillas nursery school from the 10:30 p.m.

Also during these days there will be attractions for the little ones, in the Colonia area and a Marinero Market in this same area of ​​the promenade.

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