The Marbella town looks back with the inauguration of the exhibition «San Pedro Alcántara, photos and videos of always», in charge of Jose Antonio Urbano. The nostalgic contest will consist of more than fifty images that go from early 20th century to the present, always with San Pedro Alcántara as the main stage.

The exhibition will open its doors to the public on next Tuesday, August 24, at 20:30 hours, on the Marqués del Duero street. The sample will be open to visitors until September 12, date it will end.

José Antonio Urbano, who has started this proposal, was born in the El Rodeo area and was always interested in film and photography. After being an assistant operator in the López de Mena cinema and to inaugurate as a professional the Princess cinema, Torremolinos, Urbano created a Facebook group, called as the exhibition that will open in a few days, where he invited the people of San Pedro to contribute photos and videos of the past belonging to their families.

Anyone who wants to enjoy a trip in a time Machine and put a face to their great-grandmothers and great-great-grandparents, they will be able to attend soon.

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