The Pecho de las Cuevas park in Marbella will host the second edition of the ‘Marbella Flamenca’ fashion show on May 13 and 14, an initiative that aims to support local designers and establishments in the sector. The coordinating consultant for Fiestas, Yolanda Marín, and the director of Nueva Moda Producciones, María José González, have presented the event, which “for two days highlights the art and talent of Andalusian creators”, they have highlighted.

Marín has encouraged residents and visitors to enjoy two days full of flamenco fashion, “to give a boost to a sector that has also been very affected by the pandemic and that is an important generator of employment and wealth in our land”. The catwalk will begin on Friday, May 13, with the parades of Melisa Lozano, Laura González, Joseph Daniel, Marina Soudry, Susana Zamora, Jorge Sánchez, Xiomara Pinto, Rebeca Flamenca, María Sánchez, Alejandro Andana and Rocío Montserrat. And it will continue on Saturday, with Ángeles Ruiz, María Gavilán, New Face Nueva Moda, the school of Isabel Cazorla, Aurora Gaviño, Teressa Ninú and Pepe Canela, ending that same day with an appointment with local designers Esteban Freiría, Silvia Cardeña, Flor de Canela, Aire Flamenco and F de Frank, who will receive, the latter, the Marbella Flamenca Award 2022.

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