The General Directorate of Traffic has circulation reopened on the A-7 Mediterranean Highway in both directions of circulation between kilometer points 153 and 152, at the height of Estepona, which has been cut off this Wednesday afternoon due to a fire declared in an area called the Manzano Quarry and that it is still active, as reported by the 112 Emergency Service.

As he has highlighted since 112, the road has been cut both ways “before 18:00 hours” for “smoke affectation”, and has been fully reopened to traffic around 19:30, they have indicated.

The fire has been declared at 5:22 p.m. and continues active, moving to a place to put out the flames “50 members of the Infoca Plan” and “3 air resources”, Of which “2 are heavy helicopters”, they have indicated from the Andalusian extinction service.

The fire has occurred in an area called the Manzano quarry, specifically in a “plot of land located between the forest -by having vegetation- and the urban”, located in a area where “other fires were recorded last week” and that it is close to “an industrial estate”, they have pointed out.

From the Infoca they have pointed to the “difficulty” that the existence of “high voltage wiring in the area”just as they have alluded to the “wind”, which blows in a northeasterly direction and registers gusts of “up to 40 kilometers per hour”.

From the extinction service they have indicated that they are pending that the fire “is considered stabilized”, but “it is still active”, since “the smoke is very dense” and the column that it has generated “is very much lying on the ground due to the air that is blowing”, for which reason it has reached some homes, although for now evictions of neighbors are ruled out.

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