The high season has ended in Baños de la Hedionda with a very positive balance. From July 1 to September 9, when the capacity control device is active, a total of 11,433 people have passed through this enclave, which represents 95% of the authorized entries.

The month that has registered the most visits has been August, when a total of 5,120 people passed through the dome of the baths, which represents 98.3% of the available tickets.

In July the enclave reached 93% of its capacity registering 4,829 visits and in the first nine days of September 1,484 tickets were reserved, 98% of those that had been enabled.

The Councilor for Tourism, Rocío Ruiz, recalled that these access control measures are implemented in the busiest months in order to protect this enclave of important historical and natural value.

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