The Ministry of Tourism, Regeneration, Justice and Local Administration of the Junta de Andalucía has constituted this Thursday the working group to initiate the deployment of the new Tax Office in marbella in a meeting held with the Prosecutor’s Office, and which means taking the first step towards the implementation of this new organizational model during this yearas reported by the regional administration.

Last November, the Ministry led by Juan Marín already also initiated this process in the Malaga Prosecutor’s Office and so far this legislature, the staff of officials assigned to the Public Prosecutor’s Office in Marbella has increased by six places.

With this first meeting, in which all the parties involved have been represented by the Ministry and the Prosecutor’s Office, begins the deployment process with the aim of completing the implementation in this same year.

Thus, on behalf of the Board, this working group is made up of the General Director of the Judicial and Fiscal Office, Carlos Rodríguez Sierra, together with technicians from this General Directorate; the territorial delegate for Regeneration, Justice and Local Administration in Malaga, Mónica Alejo, and the provincial secretary of the Delegation; as well as representatives of the Provincial Prosecutor’s Office, including the chief prosecutor of Marbella, Julio Martínez Carazo.

The implementation of the new Tax Office involves major changes in the organization and requires adequate collaboration between all parties, so that today’s meeting broken down all the steps of the deployment processthe call for specific positions and the coupling of generic positions or the training plan for officials, among other points, have been addressed.

“Our commitment and that of the Vice President, Juan Marín, is to implement the new Tax Office throughout Andalusia, except in Jerez de la Frontera, which will be in 2023, and we are fulfilling this,” said the CEO, who pointed out that ” in a few months we have already started this deployment process in Malaga, Granada, Jaen, Almeria and Huelva, and last October we launched the new Córdoba Tax Office and today we are taking the first steps in Marbella”.

The implementation process will follow the model applied in the Provincial Prosecutor’s Office of Dos Hermanas (Seville), following the proposal set by the Ministry of Justice. This process allows the transition from the old structure to the new to be carried out in a planned manner, speeding up the process and guaranteeing exhaustive coordination between all the agents involved. In this way, the impact on the operation of the office is minimized.

In this way, the objective of this new model is replace a template system with a very flat profile, by a job listing system with a hierarchical structure that will allow greater verticality in the chain of command and will facilitate greater specialization and optimization of operations, freeing prosecutors from administrative tasks.

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