The board of directors of Ciudadanos (Cs) Marbella, that integrates the Cs Costa del Sol Occidental Group, has presented its block resignation after “unilateral” decision of the party of appoint Ángel Mora as head of the list for the municipal elections of May 2023, ensuring that it has only received the support of 10% of the militants.

In a statement, he pointed out that “this appointment has been made without respecting the decision of the members and militants of Cs in the municipality of Marbella”, recalling that “they held a general assembly last Wednesday, November 2, chaired by the secretary of the party’s provincial organization, José María Real, in which, after running as candidates, María García, current spokesperson and councilor in the City Council of Marbella and the affiliate Ángel Mora, was the first to obtain the support of 90% of the affiliates for his candidacy”.

However, they have pointed out that “to the surprise of the members of the municipality and the board of directors”, last Saturday, November 12, the member Ángel Mora was named Cs candidate for Marbella in the municipal elections of 2023, “who only had the support of 10% of the militancy”.

“A decision that has not been communicated by the party to the members of the board of directors, who have known the name of the candidate through the press”, they have pointed out, while at the same time assuring that “it is a way of proceeding by the provincial coordinator and national deputy for Malaga, Guillermo Díaz, with a total absence of internal democracy, breaching the ideology of the party, the statutes, the internal regulations and without respecting the will of its members”.

On the other hand, they have insisted that “during these three and a half years, both the board of directors and the affiliates of Cs Marbella have worked together with María García, councilor of Cs in the City Council, as a great solid and united team, developing a listening and finding solutions to the requests that both residents and groups from Marbella and San Pedro Alcántara have sent us”.

“Our commitment to Cs from Marbella has been more than evident, as well as the desire to continue betting on the liberal project despite the adversities and the delicate situation in which Cs finds itself at a national, regional and local level due to the great loss of affiliates and institutional representation in most of the regional governments, as a result of their erroneous and unfortunate decisions at the national level”, they added.

In this regard, they have stressed that “despite ours being one of the more consistent local groupings in the province and that of the second largest municipality in Malaga, we have also suffered, like many others, the total abandonment of the party and the contempt for its militant bases, without provincial guidelines and with the absence of strategic meetings and political action except in electoral periods to set up tents, campaign and be empowered at polling stations”.

Therefore, they have continued that “all this added to the imposition of the Cs candidate for mayor in the next elections of 2023, Ángel Mora, leads us to make the irrevocable decision to resign from our positions on the board of directors of Cs “.

Finally, they have valued “the great work” of all the members of the local Association and, especially the one that María García “has been performing on behalf of Cs during these three and a half years in the municipality of Marbella, with the utmost dedication to neighbors, groups and associations; as well as his decision after what happened to continue leading the municipal group of Cs in the Marbella City Council until the end of this term “.

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