The Table of the Andalusian Parliament has rejected this Wednesday the reconsideration brief presented by the Socialist Group for inclusion in the session of the Full this Thursday of a highly topical question about the contracts awarded by the Marbella City Council to a company owned by the mayor’s husband, Ángeles Muñozas confirmed by Europa Press in parliamentary sources.

The socialist initiative was based on the fact that in essence it was a transfer of resources from the Junta de Andalucía to the Costa del Sol Corporation charged to the Protect Plan (Program of Transition to Employment of the Junta de Andalucía) of 2011.

The Socialists had requested the urgent convocation of the governing body of the Autonomous Legislative Assembly at the conclusion of this Wednesday’s session of the Plenary of Parliament for the discussion of this writing and to be able to encourage the most topical question was seen in this plenary that takes place between this Wednesday and this Thursday and they have once again found themselves refusing to introduce the question.

The socialist spokesperson, Ángeles Férriz, reported this Wednesday at a press conference that the Parliamentary Board had refused to include the socialist question in its most topical condition, addressed to the Legal Cabinet and, therefore, to the Ministry of the Presidency , on the award of contracts by the City Council of Marbella (Málaga) with the use of funds provided by the Junta de Andalucía.

Ferriz has qualified as “cacicada” the refusal of the Parliamentary Committee to include the most topical question of the PSOE, a decision that it has attributed to “direct orders from San Telmo”, convinced that the Andalusian Government “has vetoed a question so that Parliament does not speak de Marbella” and asked himself “what Moreno Bonilla has to cover up to commit the cacicada again and not talk about the scandal that occurred in Marbella”.

“The Silence” by Juanma Moreno

The socialist spokeswoman explained that your group has the right to change a question and formulate a highly topical question in the plenary session of Parliament, which must be justified and accredited with news from the media, while it has indicated that the explanations received from the Autonomous Chamber to substantiate its refusal to include the question suggest that ” the funds are not from now, they are from a previous program”, about transfers provided by the Junta de Andalucía.

“There are silences that speak for themselves, Moreno Bonilla’s silence with Marbella is thunderousit is a scandal that affects the mayor of Marbella, sponsored by Moreno Bonilla and Feijóo”, argued Ángeles Férriz, who considered that “it is not just any scandal, its epicenter is the PP of Malaga, birthplace of Bendodo and Moreno Bonilla “, while recalling that “the mayor says she knows nothing” when “it affects family members” and insisting that “the mayor of Marbella knows nothing and threatens anyone who wants to know”.

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