Marbella Town Hall has highlighted the commitment of the Monsignor Rodrigo Bocanegra Diocesan School with the environment and awareness of compliance with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), which is among the award-winning centers in the Generation Action program and which has received in compensation the visit of the Olympic athletes Lydia Valentín and Regino Hernández.

The general director of Culture and Education in Marbella, Carmen Díaz, stressed during her attendance at the event that this initiative, carried out by Cifal Malaga (United Nations office) and the Spanish Olympic Committee, together with Iberdrola and the Trilema Foundation, “recognizes the work carried out over months in this school in different subjects, as well as helping schoolchildren to understand the importance of defending the environment.”

In this regard, this program seeks raise awareness about the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the 2020 Agenda to the students who have participated in it.

“We are proud that the students have received such an important award, which is added to that of the National Heritage painting contest that the Colegio San José received the day before yesterday in Madrid”, highlighted Díaz, who added that “all of this shows how the educational community of our municipality not only works on the contents and skills established by official regulations, but also has a broad transversal program that helps students understand their commitment to society as well”.

For her part, the director of the Monseñor Rodrigo Bocanegra school, María José Bañasco, has detailed that this educational program “is carried out to work on the sustainable development goals from sports, so we have carried out workshops and challenges with our students and we have obtained a prize consisting of the visit of these athletes”.

In this sense, Lydia Valentín, Olympic weightlifting champion in London 2012, and Regino Hernández, bronze medalist of snowboarding In Pyeongchang 2018, they have conveyed to the students messages such as “the values ​​that athletes represent and that we always carry as our flag, such as effort, discipline, perseverance and camaraderie, among others” or that “nothing is easy today; You have to fight absolutely everything, there is a lot of work behind or that schoolchildren are not ashamed to ask for help when they need it ”.

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