The Official Gazette of the Junta de Andalucía has published today the Approval of the ‘tourism plan for large cities’ of Marbellaa document whose purpose is the promotion and encouragement of tourism to reinforce the role of the destination in improving the quality and competitiveness of the Andalusian tourist offer, as reported this Friday by the Andalusian Government.

The plan will be articulated through a collaboration agreement between the administrations involvedin this case the Department of Tourism, Regeneration, Justice and Local Administration and the Marbella Town Hall, which share the cost of the actions, which will reflect the action scheduling planned limited by existing budget availability.

For the development of these initiatives, the ‘tourism plan for large cities’ of Andalusia of the city of Marbella, which meets the specifications and guidelines that are contemplated in the ‘general plan for sustainable tourism of Andalusia Goal 2027’; will have a validity of four yearscounting from its effective application, with the possibility of a extension for a period of up to four additional years.

The objectives of this initiative for Marbella, like the rest of these strategies that have been approved in other Andalusian cities, are as stated in the BOJA, the enhancement and use of tourism resources, adaptation of the urban environment to tourist use, promoting universal accessibility or increase in the quality of tourist services in the city, the Board has indicated.

Also, it pursues improvement of the existing tourism product and the creation of new ones based on the innovative exploitation of resources, the awareness and involvement of the population and local agents in a tourism quality culture and the strengthening of competitiveness of the local tourism sector.

The document has been prepared according to the terms established in the Resolution of March 3, 2021, of the General Secretariat for Tourism, which resolves the procedure for formulating the ‘tourism plan for large cities in Andalusia’ for the city of Marbella. In the procedure, it has been guaranteed, through the hearing and public information procedures, the participation of tourism sector agents and the general publichaving also obtained a favorable report from the Andalusian Tourism Council.

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