The works of underground car park in Doha street in Marbella 70% are executed, an action financed with municipal funds that has had a investment of 5.4 million euros and which is expected to be completed by the month of May, as announced on Tuesday by the mayor, Ángeles Muñoz.

The councilor has stood out in a visit you have made to the workswhere she was accompanied by the Works delegate, Diego López, who infrastructure “adds 167 parking spaces” to the Divina Pastora neighborhood and comes to respond to the demand for parking in the area.

Muñoz has celebrated that despite the problems that are being generated with “the distribution of materials and supplies”, the works “are reaching 70% execution”, assuring that “the two plants are already done” for the underground car parks, as well as that the winning company is doing a “double shift” to fulfill the commitment “this car park will be open in the month of May”.

In this way, he has indicated that at the moment the works related to “the last forged and the half floor” of the parking lots that will go on the surface of the Doha street.

Muñoz recalled that “the budget item for this car park it is assumed in its entirety by the City Council”. “We want it to be public, and therefore, it will not have the profitability that others may have, but it will have the necessary social profitability”, since “It will cost one euro per day in rotation”, a modality that has been assured will be applied to “100%” of the places.

Thus, he has detailed that “the rate has yet to be specified, but it would be 1 euro every 12 hours to prevent them from being maintained or perpetuated”, to which he has added that “what is intended is that they be of rotation” and “have during the day a clear bet for commerce and during the night for the neighbours”.

As for the night price of parkinghas pointed out that it is necessary to “remove the regulations and allegations will have to be made”, although the idea is to park overnight at a cost of two euros a day.

For his part, López specified that until May “they remain to end between this week and next wrought with concrete works, and from there the masonry and installations will begin” such as “lighting, water, fire-fighting elements or emergency lights”. To this he added that “immediately and in parallel, the opening of the street and arrangement of the playground from the top.”

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