The public car park being built by the Marbella City Council on Doha Street it will work with one euro a day systeman infrastructure that will be completed by the spring of 2023, as announced on Tuesday by the mayor, Ángeles Muñoz.

This has been declared by the councilor in a visit you have made to the workswhich began on March 1, where she has been accompanied by the Councilor for Works, Diego López.

During his speech, Muñoz indicated that the plot has a area of ​​“2,400 square meters” which previously had a square and a garden and children’s area to be returned in its entirety when the work is being carried out in the car park itself”, he specified.

“In Divina Pastora we had a serious problemwhich was the car park”, Muñoz pointed out, who recalled that in the neighborhood “there is a important trade and many old houses where there are no garages”.

In this sense, the first mayor has highlighted that the issue of parking in the neighborhood was a “endemic problem with difficult solution”, because “There isn’t that much space. to be able to undertake major works as it is”.

Specifically, the mayor has indicated that they have been able to “remove 167 car parks” of which “11 will be for electric recharging”, that will be destined for use by the “residents” of the area, highlighting that the project “has the objective of being an incentive for trade, hence the important and different component from other car parks”, since this, according to Muñoz, will be “municipal and public”, where “the spaces are not going to be sold”.

According to Muñoz, the infrastructure will be undertaken with “own resources”, that is, “the City Council does it with its budgets” allocating “a game of 4.8 million euros”. The idea for the car park is that “you can be of rotation and that can serve 1 euro during the day and 2 euros at night” to allow “to bring Pastora to life and that those who live here can have their cars and do not have to drive around or leave it in another area far from where they live”, he pointed out.

As for the work that is being carried out, Muñoz pointed out that “it has had to modify the entire infrastructure layout, roads, lighting or sanitation, that is, everything that is services”. Regarding the next technical tasks, he has detailed that “the will start with the piling and all the infrastructure works, and of course it is an absolutely safe work”.

The councilor has recalled that the term of execution of the work will be “one year”, but has clarified that “at the moment in which work begins in the underground will be opened and the surface will be conditioned”, and that the City Council estimates that it will be in January. At this point, he has indicated that “the idea we have is that it go in parallel”, so it is expected that “for the month of March of next year it will be completed in its entirety”.

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