«The Casares City Council invests more than 250,000 euros in social matters every year». It is the response that they have given today from the government team, led by IU, against the criticism made by the PSOE regarding the “insufficiency of municipal aid for the elderly and dependents.”

From the Department of Social Welfare they recall that every year “many actions are carried out in coordination with community services”, this being precisely “one of the strengths of municipal management in Casares”.

The City Council breaks down programs such as the soup kitchen, social insertion, social assistance to families, educational aid, the active maturity program, economic support for associations that work in the third sector such as the Home Memory School and other projects of support for the promotion of emotional health, or support for the pensioners’ association, among others.

The crossing of statements between the Psoe and the Casares City Council arises as a result of the motion presented to the last plenary session by the Socialists in which they urged the corporation to study a possible economic aid to dependent people, while they wait for the corresponding aid from the Junta de Andalucía.

This motion has been rejected by the government team. As they have explained in a statement, the proposal “is not feasible since the guardianship of the social services of Casares, being a town of less than 20,000 inhabitants, is in the hands of the Community Services (Deputation of Malaga), and the aid to the Unit It belongs to another body (the Junta de Andalucía), so that services cannot be duplicated».

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