The Casares Fandango Group has been the protagonist today in the opening of the academic year of the Andalusian universities.

The Casares fandangueros have been in charge of interpreting the anthem of Andalusia in the solemn act celebrated this Friday, September 23 in Malaga at the University of Malaga, with the assistance of relevant personalities such as the university rectors, public authorities and the president of the Board of Andalusia.

The Department of Culture of the Casares City Council, together with the Municipal School of Dance and local fans, have been joining forces for several years to safeguard and revitalize the local fandango.

The proposal to interpret the Anthem of Andalusia by Fandangos de Casares is the result of joint work between local fandangueros and teachers from the Municipal School of Music of Casares, combining traditional instruments such as the guitar, the lute or the cymbals with new ones such as the double bass, incorporating a vocal duo in cante and integrating the verses that our most illustrious neighbor wrote for the Anthem of Andalusia into the repertoire.

The Fandango de Casares is a local variety of the fandango from Malaga, inherited from the popular peasant festival of ‘los bailes’ that was celebrated in the town, as in many others. However, the old festival has enjoyed the necessary longevity in Casares so that different generations of neighbors have recreated the old fandango in their own way, making it a hallmark and an important element of the cultural heritage of Casares.

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