The training scholarship program ends with the participation of 58 students from the municipality. The purpose of the Casares City Council Training Scholarship program is collaborate financially with university students of the municipality and at the same time favor their training in the field related to the studies they are pursuing, through internships in different municipal areas.

All have done 15 days of paid internship in municipal facilities. Most have participated as monitors in the Summer Schools of Casares and Secadero, although others have been designated in Administrative areas of the Town Hall, and also in the Costa Library, Social Welfare Office, Radio Casares and Blas Infante’s Birthplace.

During the months of July and August, a total of 58 university or Higher Level Vocational Training students from the municipality have benefited from these scholarships endowed with 400 euros per participant.

The Casares City Council has endowed the call for training scholarships for 2021 with 25,000 euros, and although initially they were 61 admitted, 3 of them resigned their positions for work reasons.

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