The mayor, Angeles Muñoz, has attended today the ceremony of delivery of medals in commemoration of the National Police Day that has taken place at the Ciudad de Marbella Theater. The councilor has assured that “it is an honor to share such a special day and an opportunity to express the pride we feel for the work that is carried out day by day”, while underlining “the professionalism, vocation, closeness and dedication that has been shown in circumstances as unprecedented and complicated as those caused by the pandemic ”. He also highlighted “the firm commitment of this government team to security by advancing in projects such as video surveillance and the new Police Station, an equipment that will allow the staff to be provided with more resources and improve services.”

In this sense, the councilor has ensured that “these agencies will make the essential work that the National Police”And recalled that the Plenary of the Municipal Corporation approved on December 20, 2020 the transfer to the Ministry of the Interior of a plot of more than 7,300 square meters located in the Torrecilla area, north of the urban area of ​​Marbella. “It is a priority project that is going to be a reality and that will benefit the citizens,” he said. In addition, he wanted to highlight “the close collaboration that exists between the different security forces and bodies” and thanked the Marbella Commissioner, Enrique Lamelas, “for the stability that he has contributed to the staff with his experience and knowledge.”

Lamelas, for his part, pointed out that “it is a very significant day because we can re-deliver the Decorations for Police Merit in a solemn act, after this year and a half of a pandemic that has disrupted everyone’s lives ”and has drawn attention to“ the accumulation of emotions that we experience, especially at the beginning, fighting against an invisible enemy from the most absolute uncertainty ”. In addition, it has indicated that “the public has had an exemplary behavior in moments of strong restrictions and has always given us their support” and has highlighted “the close collaboration with the rest of the security forces and the support of the City Council.” In his balance, the Commissioner has specified that “in 2021 there has been a marked decrease in crimes, over 5%, compared to 2019, but a greater irascibility has been perceived in the citizenship that has been reflected in a slight increase of those related to violence against people ”.

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