The Traffic Civil Guard this investigating the driver of a vehicle as the alleged perpetrator of run over of a person occurred in Marbella in the early hours of June 11.

The events took place at 04.30 when several drivers warned of the run over of a person at the height of Puerto Banússpecifically at kilometer 174,400 of the A-7 motorway, the vehicle fleeing and being Evacuation to the Hospital of the Costa del Sol of the pedestrian is necessary due to the seriousness of the injuries that it presented

The Reporting Team of the Marbella Traffic Detachment began the investigation of the incident and the steps to locate the escaped vehicle and its driver, being located with the collaboration of the Marbella Local Police.

This person he parked the vehicle with the clear purpose that it would not be foundpresenting the same in its frontal part the characteristic damages of the mechanics of a run over, as reported by the Civil Guard in a statement.

Thus, after an exhaustive investigation to find out the identity of the driver, it was possible to arrest him two days after the outrage, passing to the disposition of the Court number 5 of Marbella for the alleged commission of a crime of leaving the scene of the accident, another for driving without the administrative authorization that enables it (go Without meat) and a last crime of reckless injury.

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