The province of Malaga registered 8,000 fewer unemployed during the month of August, a fact that confirms the recovery of the economy and that the tourist season has been good after the toughest months of the pandemic. On the Costa del Sol, unemployment has continued to fall in August despite the significant decrease in July, and the list of unemployment has been shortened in the last month in 1,600 fewer unemployed. All this taking into account that the biggest drop of the year occurred last July. These are the data by municipalities:

Compared to last year, the improvement is significant: 8,000 fewer unemployed on the coast and almost 35,000 in the province as a whole, although the levels of 2019, the year before the pandemic, are not reached:

Regarding job creation, almost 10,000 contracts were signed on the Costa del Sol in the last month. Slightly more than 80% corresponds to the services sector, and the rest to other sectors, mainly construction, which has slightly reduced the number of contracts in August:

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