The ‘Hotel Estepona Plaza’, located in the central Ortiz square, has opened its doors to expand the accommodation offer in the municipality, and will offer 36 rooms distributed over seven floorsas announced on Monday by the mayor, José María García Urbano.

The councilor has highlighted that this establishment was the first space that was remodeled and pedestrianized within the initiative ‘Estepona, Garden of the Costa del Sol’, whose architects of the property have sought a design that offers some stunning panoramic views from the historic center of the city.

Specifically, the hotel plant has a total of 36 rooms distributed on seven floorshas a swimming pool on its roof and a restaurant-cafeteria on the ground floor.

García Urbano has highlighted the synergies that this project has created sustainable urban development and commitment to quality of life; as well as the economic and social impact implied by the evident impulse to the economic activity of the city and the generation of employment and wealth that this entails.

Also, he appreciated that the hotel sector of the municipality is expanded with another new project tourist quality in the old town. In this regard, he indicated that the Consistory has worked in the last decade to reposition the Estepona tourism brand, singling out the offer with this pioneering municipal initiative, which has already achieved the renovation and beautification of more than 130 streets in the city center.

This bet on revitalization of the historic center has turned this space into a focus of tourist attraction that, progressively and until now, has promoted 16 ’boutique’ type hotels. These projects, which are in operation, under construction or being processed, represent a investment of more than 40 million euros.

On the other hand, the first mayor has highlighted that this type of establishment, which did not exist in the town until the start of this municipal project, has led to the revitalization of the economic and restaurant fabric From the center of the city. Likewise, the implementation of this type of establishment has encouraged owners and investors to opt for modernize and rehabilitate buildings in the urban area that were in disuse or in poor condition.

Finally, the councilor has considered that the significant number of hotels shop, that has opened its doors or that is being promoted “is a sign of the vitality and dynamism that the city has, as well as of the security and administrative agility that the City Council offers to those who intend to develop projects of interest that generate employment and boost the local economy.

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