The executives of the Socialist Groups of Marbella and San Pedro have agreed unanimously and without any fissure to propose the candidacy of José Bernal for Mayor of Marbella in the next elections in May 2023.

Both the general secretary of Marbella, Blanca Fernández, and that of San Pedro, Jerónimo Villalba, have highlighted the growing confidence of the citizens around the figure of the former mayor, who has been adding votes in all the electoral calls.

In the same way, they have pointed out that the executives have picked up the voice of the militancy that once again requested the candidacy of José Bernal, highlighting his commitment to the city, while highlighting his management during the time he had the opportunity to be mayor of the municipality.

“José Bernal meets the necessary conditions to go again as head of the list in the PSOE candidacy. There is unanimity both in the executive and in the councilors who are part of the Municipal Group”, Fernández pointed out.

For his part, Jerónimo Villalba stressed that in addition to having the support of the executive “he has the unanimous support of the militancy”, and therefore, from San Pedro, “we understand that he must repeat as a candidate.”

José Bernal was mayor for two years (2015-2017), a short period, but in which he led important advances for the municipality, with transformative works in the neighborhoods and the integration of Oales workers into the City Council staff, to name a few achievements.

For the elections of May 28, 2023, the objective will be to put an end to the 14 years that Ángeles Muñoz has been governing, in a project that is totally exhausted for Marbella and San Pedro Alcántara, and replace it with another that arrives full of enthusiasm and with desire to work for the neighbors and to favor the general interests instead of the particular ones.

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