Agents of the National Police have detained in Marbella to the leader and president of the biker club Los Bandidos-Spain as allegedly responsible for the crimes of trafficking in drugs, money laundering and membership in a criminal organization.

The investigation, carried out by agents of the National Police and the Belgian Federal Police, determined that the investigated organized the shipment of 11,497 kilograms of cocaine from South America to Antwerp (Belgium).

The operation culminated in the practice of numerous records, three of them in localities of Malaga, and the seizure of high-end vehicles valued at more than 700,000 euros, as well as luxury jewelry valued at 300,000 euros, as reported by the National Police in a statement.

Similarly, the leader of the motorcycle gang Los Bandidos-Alemania, who lived in the same urbanization, was arrested by an arrest warrant and imprisonment issued by the National High Court for his arrest. extradition to Germany.

The investigation

In the framework of international cooperation between the National Police and the Belgian Federal Police The leader of the biker club Los Bandidos-España is investigated, who under the protection of the exercise of his position and using the national and international structure that the aforementioned club has, leads a criminal organization dedicated to drug trafficking and money laundering of the goods obtained by the exercise of the illicit activity.

The network led by the investigated organized, at the end of last year, the shipment of 11,497.5 kilograms of cocaine hidden in a junk container from South America to Antwerp (Belgium), which was seized upon arrival at port.

During the joint operation, it was determined that the main investigated had established his residence in a luxury urbanization in Marbella. For this reason, through the coordination exercised by Eurojust – the European Union agency in charge of reinforcing judicial cooperation between the Member States – it was finalized on the 20th for the culmination of the police action.

Thus, the leader of the motorcycle club in Spain was arrested for drug trafficking, money laundering and belonging to a criminal organization, together with 13 more people in Belgium.

In this performance they were carried out 26 records, carried out in the Netherlands, Belgium and Spain, seizing in the records carried out in the province of Malaga four high-end vehicles valued at more than 700,000 euros, luxury jewelery valued at 300,000 euros, in addition to 17,085 euros in cash, encrypted mobile phones and abundant documentation.

In addition, as a continuation of the operational exploitation, there was another detention, that of President and leader of the homologous motorcycle gang in Germany, who had a warrant for his arrest and imprisonment decreed by the National Court for his extradition to Germany and who resided in the same luxury urbanization as the other accused. Both detainees were placed at the disposal of the Judicial Authority to be extradited to Belgium and Germany respectively.

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