Lemmon, the nightclub located in the marina of Marbella, protagonist last Thursday of an alleged attack on several foreign women by its doormen, has spoken this Friday. Through its social networks, it has released a statement in which “it does not justify any violent act, regardless of the reason” and ensures that “they will take the necessary measures” against those responsible for the events“whether in the form of layoffs either disciplinary sanctions“.

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According to the images of the fight released, the workers push, hit and they take young women repeatedly, even reaching throw them on the groundin an attempt to get them away from the front door of the nightclub.

The disco has explained that the young victims of the brawl allegedly they were “in an aggressive attitude against clients and employees of the business”, for which they were expelled from the premises. Although, in the letter they apologize to these women for the violent action undertaken against them, as well as to Marbella “for the possible damage to the image of the city that this may cause”.

It is unknown if the girls had injuries. as a result of the beatings and if they have denounced the facts. At the moment, the National Police assures that they have no evidence that there is an open investigation into this event, they have informed this newspaper.

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