The mayor of Estepona, José María García Urbano, met this Friday with the Andalusian Councilor for University, Research and Innovation, José Carlos Gómez Villamandos, to promote the university project in Esteponaan educational initiative that will allow the town to become a university headquarters and will help diversify the external projection of the municipality.

“Implement a University in our municipality incardinated in the Andalusian university systemnot only benefits potential Estepona students who could pursue higher education in their own city, but also benefits the whole municipalitysince university activity is an excellent social, cultural and educational engine”, declared the councilor

The first mayor has indicated that as recognized by the Law of Universities, university centers play a central role in cultural, economic and social development and they are relevant in the immediate environment, as they are capable of directly promoting its progress, dynamism and diversification.

In addition, the implementation of a university center in Estepona implies “directly and indirectly encourage economic activities related to“, Since the university population that will house and the activity itself that the educational center supposes, will generate a flow of demands that offer a business possibility to the local economic framework, which will redound to the benefit of the city”.

On the other hand, he has assessed that locating a University in Estepona will mean diversify the external projection of the municipality, not only from a tourist perspective, but also incorporated in the set of cities that have educational centers of the Andalusian university system.

This project is promoted by the Antonia Guerrero Foundation and the SEK International Institutionwith the objective of develop a university campus for studies health related.

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