The mayor of Marbella, Ángeles Muñoz, has once again claimed the need for urgently undertake beach stabilization projects of Marbella and San Pedro Alcántara with a motion presented in the Senatewhich has been voted against in the Upper House on Wednesday afternoon, as reported by the City Council.

The councilor regretted that the Socialist Party has rejected the motion presented yesterday in the Senate so that the stabilization of the beaches of Marbella and San Pedro Alcántara be undertaken urgently, underlining that “with its refusal to support an absolutely necessary action demonstrates their lack of commitment to the city”.

Munoz has pointed out that the The Government “has spent more than four years without preparing the environmental reports that would allow the project to be undertaken”, while at the same time ensuring that “with this vote against has run out of excuses and has lost all credibility.

The mayor has indicated that “the Government of Pedro Sánchez continues to insist on link the construction of the jetties with the demolition of part of the promenade and it has been a year without responding to the allegation that we presented to avoid consuming an action that would affect an absolutely consolidated facility and of general interest”.

Likewise, it has reiterated that “the project of stabilization is an exclusive competence of the central Executive and therefore the responsibility for the damage that occurs after each storm, and which cause serious socio-economic damage, is also theirs”.

Muñoz has assured that “we are going to continue fighting for a fair claim to be addressed and execute, once and for all, a work that would give solution to one of the main problems that the municipality has.

In the motion presented in the Upper House, it requests “a firm commitment with deadlines, budget items and a calendar of clear processing” for the stretch between the Guadalmina and Guadaiza rivers, the downtown zone and the area of ​​Las Chapas since, as he has stated, “we are a top tourist destination and we cannot allow the storms to destroy the coasts of the town while the Executive of Pedro Sánchez continues to turn his back on us”.

The first mayor has recalled that the municipality contributes a annual canon of 2.5 million euros to the central government “and receives zero euros of investment”, while stressing that the The City Council allocated its own item of 2.5 million euros to undertake emergency actions on the coast.

Also, it has been shown that the Minister of Ecological Transition, Teresa Ribera, “he has not accepted the invitation that we have sent him weekly so that he can learn about the reality of our beaches ‘in situ’” and has once again regretted “that he continues to link a solution that involves the construction of breakwaters with the demolition of part of the promenade”.

In this sense, he recalled that “a year ago we filed an allegationwhich has not been answered, to prevent this action from being consumed on a facility of general interest that has been consolidated for more than three decades, that is used by thousands of families and that would mean the occupation of three hotels, the elimination of five beach bars and the demolition of 1,566 meters”.

The mayor has assured that “we are going to continue fighting to promote a essential project for Marbellawhich is demanded by both residents and businessmen in the sector, and which cannot wait any longer to be undertaken by the National Government” and has stated that “it is a fair request that we have been claiming for many years and that needs to be addressed.”

Specifically, the motion presented in the Upper House It contemplates the speeding up of the stabilization actions of the San Pedro Alcántara coastline and carrying out the necessary procedures to prioritize the stabilization project between the Guadalmina and Guadaiza rivers, specifying the start date and creating the budget item for the immediate start of the works in 2022; as well as streamline the coastal stabilization project in the municipality of Marbella so that, urgently, the necessary procedures are carried out to start the execution of the beach stabilization project between La Venus and El Ancón.

The proposal also establishes the promotion of the processing of the environmental impact study of the stabilization project found in drafting by the Marbella Town Hall for the central coastal area of ​​the municipality; initiate the necessary procedures and studies for the drafting of the coastal stabilization project in the Las Chapas area and program, finance and develop as many actions as necessary to guarantee the optimal state of the coastal points affected by the storms and approve compensatory measures to the economic sectors affected by them.

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